"Ancient moon priestesses were called virgins. ‘Virgin’ meant not married, not belonging to a man - a woman who was ‘one-in-herself’. The very word derives from a Latin root meaning strength, force, skill; and was later applied to men: virle. Ishtar, Diana, Astarte, Isis were all all called virgin, which did not refer to sexual chastity, but sexual independence. And all great culture heroes of the past, mythic or historic, were said to be born of virgin mothers: Marduk, Gilgamesh, Buddha, Osiris, Dionysus, Genghis Khan, Jesus - they were all affirmed as sons of the Great Mother, of the Original One, their worldly power deriving from her. When the Hebrews used the word, and in the original Aramaic, it meant ‘maiden’ or ‘young woman’, with no connotations to sexual chastity. But later Christian translators could not conceive of the ‘Virgin Mary’ as a woman of independent sexuality, needless to say; they distorted the meaning into sexually pure, chaste, never touched."

Monica Sjoo, The Great Cosmic Mother: Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth  (via thewaking)

Literally the most important thing you will read today.

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Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope.

Marduk’s father was Ea/Enki (God of the Waters and creation) and mother was Damkina/Damgalnuna.

Gilagamesh father was Lugalbanda and his mother Ninsun, mortals though Ninsun became a goddess.

Buddha’s father was Śuddhodana and mother was Māyādevī, King of the Shakya and Princess of the Koliyan respectively. Buddhist legend tells that Māyādevī (married and having -not yet- conceived) dreamed a White elephant entered her side and eventually gave birth to Siddhartha.

Osiris’ father was Geb (Earth) and Nut (Sky), who also gave birth to Isis, Set, and Nephtys.

Dionysus’ mother was a mortal, Semele, a Theban princess, who had an affair with Zeus. Zeus kills her by accident but rescues the child in her womb and places it in his thigh, where he carries Dionysus to term. Semele becomes a goddess of the Bacchic orgy, Thyone.

Genghis Khan? Genghis Khan?

Absolutely none of these were considered virgin mothers. Some could be said to be from a Great Mother, but not from an “Original One”. Dionysus is the only one that comes close, but only if we take a very revisionist, symbolic approached to the idea of Zeus impregnating Semele and consider the myths of the gods mere folktales. (Incidentally, Socrates would probably agree with that, but that’s neither here nor there.)

The movie Zeitgeist peddled this same lazy revisionism a few years ago; as someone that spent his childhood reading about myths, it kind of pisses me off. The question of what was meant by bthoolto is worth asking, but Sjoo’s reading of these stories is at the very best lazy (perhaps “imaginative”) and at the worst deliberate misrepresentations. It’s also possible she simply hadn’t read any of them and is a victim of second-hand misreadings from someone else. I think it goes without saying that dishonest ‘scholarship’ is not in the service of feminism, and you’re not going to enlighten people with hatchet job retellings of ancient mythology.

Really hate tumblr’s formatting.

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The making of “The WInd Rises”

The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness Documentary
Meet the creative forces behind Studio Ghibli, the award-winning Japanese animation studio that is the focus of this absorbing documentary. Hayao Miyazaki, the director of such cinematic wonders as Princess Monokoke, Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castleis the centre point. He’s working on his latest, and perhaps his last film, The Wind Rises. The studio where he storyboards the entire film, and his dedicated team painstakingly draw each frame by hand, is cluttered, homely and apparently lacking any new technologies. On the other side of Tokyo, his colleague Isao Takahata is working on his latest opus. Producer and co-founder Toshio Suzuki shuffles between the two, expertly managing their distinct approaches and longtime rivalry. Director Mami Sunada, winner of SFF’s 2012 Audience Award for Best Documentary with Death of a Japanese Salesman, has captured the timelessness of the process, the brilliance and skill, and Miyazaki’s perverse, playful humour. Prepare to be enchanted by the genius of Studio Ghibli.


My hero. This is as inspiring as the Making of Mononoke Hime documentary! I hope to live as long as this man, let alone continue to do what I love for a living!

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GATHERERS, another new one for SooJin Buzelli at PlanSponsor. This is for an article about how healthcare and retirement planning can work in unison.

I liked all my sketches for this, though, as usual, only one of them actually works for the prompt. It usually takes me a bit to really suss out the core of the article. There’s a balance that the working sketch strikes that none of the others do.

When these projects pop up, and I can more or less draw anything, as long as it relates back to the topic, I almost always try to exhaust whatever current topic my mind is focused on, before trying different subject matter. Last time it was knights, this time it was strange animals. 

I usually get a lot of color advice from Kali, but she had a bigger hand in this one than usual. Pretty much steered the whole ship for a little while.

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Pumzi - dir. Wanuri Kahiu // Kenya

In a dystopian future 35 years after an ecological WWIII  has torn the world apart, East African survivors of the devastation remain locked away in contained communities, but a young woman in possession of a germinating seed struggles against the governing council to bring the plant to Earth’s ruined surface.

The main character is a museum curator in the future and also yes I would like see this now please


The complete short film is on youtube and it’s really good and the end kind of took my breath away. 


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leslieknope11 sagte: What do you think of Hamas rejecting the ceasefire?


Hamas did not reject a ceasefire, Isreal did

It’s the siege, stupid. Talk to virtually anyone in Gaza and they will tell you the same. The siege is living death, slowly crushing the life out of Gaza. It has to end.

This is a main reason why Hamas did not accede to the attempt by Israel, through its ally the Egyptian dictatorship, to impose a unilateral “ceasefire” about which Hamas says it was never even consulted, hearing about the initiative only through the media.

Al-Qassam, the military wing of Hamas, said the initiative “is not worth the ink that wrote it” and “promised the Palestinian people that this blood and sacrifices will not be wasted by whoever was in this world.”

No return to status quo

As Mya Guarnieri explains succinctly in +972 Mag, the Egyptian “ceasefire” would have meant a return to a comfortable status quo for Israel in which:

Israel strikes Gaza from time to time and kills Palestinian civilians there and in the West Bank without garnering much scrutiny from the international media and, by extension, the international community. Returning to the status quo would also mean an end to the immediate damage to Israel’s image caused by the horrific photos and footage coming out of Gaza, and global protests against what Israel calls “Operation Protective Edge.”

But it would mean no change to the reality for 1.8 million Palestinians in Gaza living under crushing siege.

In the immediate period, the bogus “ceasefire” initiative gives Israel the opportunity to spin headlines in its direction – claiming that Hamas are being irrational and unreasonable “terrorists.”

Already, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that “If Hamas rejects the ceasefire, we will have international legitimization to restore the needed quiet.”

That is a euphemism to kill more people, on top of the almost 200 Israel has already killed, the vast majority of whom civilians, including dozens of children. This systematic targeting of civilians and civilian objects in intense bombardments of Gaza has continued since 7 July.

Media are likely to follow the Israeli spin instead of asking Israel why it is maintaining the collective punishment of 1.8 million Palestinians in Gaza and why it constantly violates ceasefire agreements.

But the fact remains: it is Israel that has rejected reasonable ceasefire conditions that have always been on the table.

Follow the link to read the rest of this important piece.

It is not the responsibility of the oppressed to cede to the demands of the oppressor, and “power concedes nothing without a demand.”

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Rickety Stitch and the Gelatinous Goo


















Check it out: http://ricketystitch.com

The site updates five times a week with content, and you can subscribe here

Our brand new fantasy adventure webcomic is live!

feet submerged in sand
submerged in shore waves
i alone

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(Blade of the Immortal, Hiroaki Samura)

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A little behind the scenes look of the early stages of Green Lantern the Animated Series.

My eternal gratitude to everyone who helped prove the doubters wrong.

Although I don’t produce children’s content, this is real and relevant. Also an explanation to a lot of those on the other side who don’t understand the challenges creatives face when doing stuff they think you will love.

So this is why we will never have another GL:TAS season. Who would have thought?

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Ibrahim El-Salah, Bird Child Embryo, Nd.


Ibrahim El-Salah, Bird Child Embryo, Nd.

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"Tech site Pando Daily has been providing amazing coverage of the Department of Justice antitrust invesigation and subsequent class action lawsuits over wage-fixing amongst Silicon Valley tech companies and animation studios. Described as the largest wage-fixing cartel in American history, it’s the story of how some of the most powerful figures in tech and entertainment, including Apple’s Steve Jobs, Lucasfilm’s George Lucas, Pixar’s Ed Catmull, and Google’s Eric Schmidt, conspired to illegally manipulate and suppress the wages of their employees.

In Pando’s most recent piece by Mark Ames, the discussion turns to the animation studios, which have not been covered as heavily throughout the scandal as some of the tech companies like Google, Intel, and Apple.

The major point that Ames makes is that the illegal wage-fixing extended far beyond the primary players, Pixar and Lucasfilm. Through the deposition testimonies of George Lucas and Pixar president/co-founder Ed Catmull, there is evidence that other studios like Walt Disney Animation Studios and DreamWorks/PDI participated in the illegal activities to keep their employees’ wages unnaturally low. The Walt Disney Company has emerged as a central figure in the scandal, especially now that they own both Pixar and Lucasfilm, and it should come as no surprise that as they worked to pay their employees less, their stock prices and profits shot to all-time highs.”


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Comics as an Essential American Art Form

by Bill Boichel (originally published in 1996)

Comics, as a mode of expression, as an art form, can be absolutely anything anyone wants it to be. As R. Crumb duly noted, “It’s only lines on paper.” And these lines may make letters and words, signs…

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Temi DollFace - Pata Pata

We got this as a submission with the note: Her sly demeanour is everything

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My daughter’s award winning painting, she is 8.


My daughter’s award winning painting, she is 8.

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Hayao Miyazaki talking about his passion for animation while seeing the world through his fascinating career. From the documentary: The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness (2013)

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